Where can you find High-Density buildings in the Bay Area?

Let’s focus on one city. This’ll streamline the conversation. Let’s talk about the city that invented popsicles. Let’s talk about that shining orb of San Francisco respite.

Let’s talk about The City.

Oakland. Smokin’.

Oakland_City of Dreams

I sell real estate all over the East Bay Area, from Richmond to Berkeley to Pleasant Hill to Lafayette to Oakland to Alameda to San Leandro. Each of these cities has its charm, but hands-down the most important city I sell in is Oakland.

What makes Oakland important?

XXXXXXXX pop sstats and gentrification

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Okland’s civic engagemtn

OAkland pop growth projections

Okland recent position as political

OAkland’s walk score.


Oakland The Logical City.





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