High-Density Benefits 101

Coastal California is in a particularly effective position to lead the way. People love living here. Nine years ago, I moved 3000 miles away from a loving and high-functioning family and I will probably never leave. I am not alone. This is our chosen home and we must be stewards of its future.

Here are a few reasons why Coastal California should switch to upzoned cities with high-density buildings:

High-density housing is a way for communities to scale with population growth. Bay Area cities are not engineered to house all our new residents. The results are rudely skyrocketing home prices, shrinking inventory, and buyers forced into buying stalemated properties that do not scale with the future.

High-density housing can appropriate abandoned space and create multiple affordable housing units where there was wasted space. When high-density housing is beautifully planned and integrated into urban cities of convenience, a much more affordable lifestyle emerges. More diversity is allowed to remain in the city and more citizens who love this particular city are able to stay. All incomes have to exist to have healthy cities. All incomes are part of the new wave.

High-density housing can teach young people to be stewards of their environments. The environmental superiority of the urban high-density building far outweighs the urban single-family house. Simple mechanics like heat running up the building and smaller footprints allow this superiority. Additionally, many responsible developers are figuring out how to do LEED-style housing developments that include 100% solar power, eliminate parking minimums, use efficient materials, gather rainwater, and have electric charging stations.



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